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“We provide assistance to people to finish their day to day chores..”

Tired of never finding enough time to complete the small jobs on our daily task-list, we a group of Mumbaikars set out to find a solution. While looking for it, we realized we wanted to be the solution ourselves, like the Batman of the city of tasks. Register or Call us and we will act as your shadow, completing everyday chores, end-to-end and adding that extra hour to your day, helping you ease your life.

Easeyourlife is what you can call a service provider in its literal terms. It will provide assistance to people to finish their day to day chores. Be it utility services like booking and collecting tickets/deliveries like groceries/household help like requirement for a plumber or any other assistance required by an individual will be catered to by Easeyourlife. The insight is that people have become very busy in their lives and don’t have the time to sweat over small, mundane chores; our idea is to eliminate the errands/tasks in people’s lives and make it easier.

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